My First Day as a Freelance Writer

Well it’s official, my website is up and running (functional too) and I am ready for my first client. I have created some writing samples in three different areas of specialty and now I’m writing my first blog post.

I’m not sure but I think I have actually been a freelance writer for a few weeks now because I have been putting in some serious hours getting a lot of nothing accomplished. Well apparently I’ve gotten something done.

This may be premature but I would like to thank Elna Cain and Michael Leonard for the wonderfully informative information that they have out there in the form of Podcasts, Online Courses, Blogs and more. Thank you both so much for providing valuable and affordable information for your fellow writers who are just getting up and on their feet.

Navigating my new career endeavor has been a nice vacation from having to constantly obsess about the virus. I work in a hospital as a Physical Therapist Assistant and I am currently taking leave as my ill 79 year old father lives with me. Although I am not his sole caregiver at this point, simply dealing with the stress of him being ill and working a full time job has been the hardest thing I have ever done, hands down. Add COVID19 to the mix and bam, I feel like someone just whacked me with a lead pipe.

Wondering who will win the viral lottery next is frightful and driving down the deserted streets seeing empty parking lot after empty parking lot is like taking a punch to the gut. I feel so bad for all the people who’s business were thriving and now they are dying because of this pandemic.

Worse than all of this is our own government fighting over helping them. The lack of leadership and a united front in this country is terrifying. We are being lied to on a daily basis, our frontline healthcare workers are lacking the simple tools they need to keep themselves safe while trying to help or save other people.

I remember thinking after 9/11, “how could I have been so naive to think that something like this couldn’t happen in the United States?” I’m thinking the exact same thing now, only I knew in my heart that putting #45 in the White House was a very bad decision.

I have a 6 month old Boxer puppy and we are always telling her to make good Boxer decisions. Here she is looking at me thinking, “give me a break mom, the president doesn’t even make good Boxer decisions!”

She is a constant source of comedy for us, I thank God for her (most days).

In closing I just want to throw out there that I am praying for everyone, everyday to have the strength to get through whatever it is they are going through and to never stop searching for that always illusive light at the end of the tunnel. Keep doing what you do and out of this darkness will surely come some light.